Monday, December 1, 2008

Chocolate Overdose

".. Antonio Raimo, sat slumped forward, his head on the table, the victim of an apparent heart attack.
Brad rushed over and felt in vain for a pulse. "Did the waiter present Mr. Raimo with the bill?" Brad asked.
"No, we were just having dessert," Jennifer Raimo, Tony's wife, answered.
"Death By Chocolate," said Antoine in a dazed monotone. It was the first time Brad noticed how suspiciously thin and fit Antoine was for a world-class chef.
"That was what Tony ordered," Jennifer explained. "He's not much around the kitchen, and he tried in vain for the last two months to make the dessert from a recipe in the Death By Chocolate cookbook. Seeing a slice of it perfectly prepared apparently was too much for his system."
"We'll have to rule out poison," Brad said, wrestling the fork from Raimo's clenched fist. "I'd better have a taste."
"I'll help," Jennifer replied.
Charles Cadbury, the homicide detective, came five minutes later.
"What happened here?" he asked.
"Death By Chocolate," Antoine replied.
But by then the evidence had disappeared .." John Ballinger
Consuming passions are too often also our demise. I recently discovered a 1992 publication of Marcel Desaulniers Death By Chocolate. On page 42 you will find a recipe for "Simply The Best Chocolate Brownie". Moist, fudgey, a chocolate indulgence. An adaptation best served with a very generous dollop of sour cream.

Chocolate Overdose Brownies
60 g unsalted butter
85 g dark chocolate
50 g milk chocolate
160 g/ 3 eggs
227 g castor sugar
42 g flour
28 g unsweetened cocoa
2 g baking powder
3 g salt
56 g sour cream
5 g vanilla extract
45 g milk chocolate, chopped
17 g cocoa nibs
Melt butter, dark and milk chocolate over baine marie.
Cream eggs and sugar until pale and doubled in volume.
Slowly add chocolate to egg, beating continuously.
Sift together flour, cocoa, baking powder and salt 3 times.
Fold flour into egg mix.
Fold through sour cream, vanilla and chopped chocolate.
Pour into a greased and floured 6 x 10 x 1.5" pan.
Sprinkle cocoa nibs over the top and bake at 170ÂșC for 25 mins.
Cool for 10 minutes in pan before removing.


  1. Mmm.. brownie.. so did you think it was the best, as Marcel claimed?

  2. well i'm somewhat reluctant to label it as THE BEST brownie recipe. that's not to say it's pretty crappy. merely that i really haven't eaten enough brownies to make that sort of judgement call. it's damn good in my opinion but i'm sure we will stumble across brownies much more interesting in the future. brownie balls (like those cake balls) with self-saucing custard centres perhaps!
    is custard freezable?


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