Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dreaming of White

I saw the most beautiful woman last night at The Bank. It was like a vision. Her curly blonde locks flowed over her shoulders and her eyes danced wickedly in the low light. A half-smoked cigarette touched her lips and at that moment I wished that I was like the cake I had made that very afternoon - smooth and sensible, delicately balanced with a hint of zest.

A yoghurt souffle cake for TongueTicklers FIC - White. King Island yoghurt, minimal butter and sugar. Sensible. Breaking through the cracked and sunken crust reveals a delightfully creamy interior which appears to melt on contact with the tongue. Smooth. And well, the zest speaks for itself.

Yoghurt Souffle Cake
5 eggs, separated
115 g castor sugar
50 g flour
2 g salt
450 g yoghurt
5 g vanilla extract
5 g orange zest
5 g lemon zest
20 g lemon juice
Butter and flour an 8" tin.
Cream yolks (88 g) and sugar until doubled in volume.
Sift flour and mix thoroughly.
Combine with salt, yoghurt, vanilla zests and juice.
Whisk egg whites (157 g) until stiff and fold through batter.
Pour into tin and bake at 170ºC for 45 mins.
Cool in tin then remove.
Serve with generous dusting of icing sugar.


  1. Wow another luscious sounding cake! Do you make your own yogurt, now that you make your own buttermilk? :D

  2. Making the most of yoghurt at the moment! This one sounds lovely with the citrus.

  3. oh good god no! i'm much too lazy :P but maybe i'll give it a go on a 40ºC summers day. it's too hot to be using my electric blanket now.

  4. Found you at Lore...& am glad I did. This sounds fantastic. Love the way you write. This cake sounds 'out of this world' good...

  5. This looks awesome! Must try this! I've been cooking/baking with yogurt for the last few dishess..yummyyyy


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