Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Don't Look! It's Dressing!

Everyone loves beauty in its natural state, let's not deny it. Sashimi is one very simple way to showcase wonderfully fresh seafood. Tuna, kingfish, salmon and trout are probably the most common here but other species such as carp, mackerel, bass, monkfish, even squid and abalone can also be used. When slicing fish fillets for sashimi place the fillet so that the tail end is facing away from you and the thicker side is closest (this will prevent stretching and tearing of the flesh). Then with a long sharp knife slice pieces about 3mm in thickness against the grain in one movement. This is the very simple sweet, salty, sour dressing which I served alongside the sashimi of Yellowtail Kingfish and Petuna Ocean Trout as first course for Christmas.

Ginger Dressing
8 g cane sugar
6 g water
21 g tamari
20 g brown rice vinegar
10 g lemon juice
16 g green ginger shoots
8 g eschallots
Combine sugar and water in a small pot and caramelise until dark.
Whisk in tamari, vinegar, lemon juice and remove to a small bowl.
Finely slice ginger shoots, brunoise eschallots and throw everything together.
Set aside for an hour or two to let the flavours infuse.

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