Monday, June 14, 2010

4 Days in Melbourne

Ahh, Melbourne! We haven't known one another for long, but there's something I must confess. You weren't quite what I expected when we first met but you drew me in with your rusticated charm and love for all things green. There's something about you, shrouded in mysterious romance, that causes me desire to explore every dark corner of your soul. Who would have thought that you would be the one to teach me something new; that you would lead me to experience the exquisite sensation of ice-cold glass pressed against my lips, white smoke and fiery caramel enveloping all of my senses.

Oh Melbourne, you may not be a rose by sight but your looks belie your scent by tenfold. Your passion for the arts is inspiring and your cooking has me weak at the knees. Despite your cold demeanour, I know that there is more to you than at first meets the eye. I want to spend more time with you if you'll allow me. There are so many things I'd love to discover with you.. 


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