Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Own Stephanie Alexander for 25 Bucks!

Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion is a book that I've long been craving. I spent a whole afternoon at Kinokuniya bookstore reading and re-reading the first few chapters while I was in the midst of planning out the execution of my no-dig garden last year. Six months later, I found myself glued to its open pages in the middle of a David Jones hall, completely oblivious to having lost my friend in the frenzy of a kitchenware sale. As much as I loved to flick through the pages of this encyclopedic cookbook, I could never bring myself to justify the $125 price tag but then, only yesterday, a serendipitous moment occurred.

Searching online through booko for the cheapest available copy of 'Bakewise' by Shirley O'Corriher, randomly clicking on another title called 'Sorted: A Rookie's Guide To Crackin' Cooking', I saw it. Down the bottom of the page amongst a jumble of other books I read: "The Kitchen Garden Companion 88 days to go Pre order AUD$25.79". TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS?!?! That's one hundred dollars off the original price! *Click click click* well that's my copy sorted! Hoo! Hoo! I sure as hell can't wait to be holding it in my hot little hands! 

I remember reading somewhere that kitchen gardens were once commonplace. In America, Canada, Germany and the UK, "Victory Gardens" were designed to provide food and keep up morale in times of war. Community allotment gardens are gaining popularity in leaps and bounds, as are vertical window gardens and green roofs. Working on the outskirts of the CBD, I've walked past a few terrace houses where people have even reclaimed the tiny verge outside on the street.

I love food and the many pleasures derived from frolicking in the front yard, pruning a little here and there, poking insects with a stick and tending to my fruit and veg. It's just so darn peaceful, I'm often surprised and it saves me money too! I can't remember the last time I went to the shops to buy a bunch of herbs. If you've ever pondered over starting a vegie patch or potted herb garden, I have a few words of advice: "Just get on with it!".
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  1. ooo I have wanted this book for so long but the pricetag has put me off (and the fact that I live in an apartment but I hope to have a kitchen garden someday).

    Unfortunately the price has gone up a bit on that website (i think it is now ~$35) but thanks for the link... I have been purchasing other books on there (love the free shipping to Aus).


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