Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dinner @ Sean's Panaroma

Sean Moran, head chef and owner of Sean's Panaroma is part of a grassroots food movement that is quickly gaining pace. An increasing number of Aussie chefs have pledged their support for non-GM food as a result of environmental destruction and liability issues that companies like Bayer and Monsanto have left in their wake.

The man is a rarity. Unlike most chefs, Sean and his partner designed the restaurant with a closed loop system in mind. For fifteen years now, kitchen scraps have been composted and returned to their property to grow fruit and veg for the restaurant. Very cool, very cool indeed. 

My most recent visit was for a work function, a BK tradition of sorts. Fortunately our visit to Sean's Panaroma was for both business and pleasure. Oh there were definitely unbridled sounds of pleasure. Between you and I, Sean's duck liver parfait is one of the most rich and irresistible morsels that may cross your palate in your life.

Don't go past the oysters either. Seafood generally seems to be more popular during the summer months however oysters are best enjoyed in winter as they spawn during warmer weather which causes them to become excessively creamy and lose their sharp, almost mineral taste.

Simple Mediterranean flavours and fresh, quality produce are what make the food at Sean's worth returning to time and time again. When an establishment has resident bakers and chefs who take the time to make their own bread and butter from scratch, you know that whatever you choose will have been nurtured and respected every step of the way.

Sean's Panaroma
270 Campbell Pde
Bondi Beach
NSW, 2026
ph: (02) 9365 4924

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