Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bloodwood @ Newtown

How do you define success? Is it enjoying life? Doing what you love? Making a contribution to society? Or perhaps, as Soren Reichelt says, it's 'a chicken dinner'. 

Success in the dining scene is distinguished by customers revelling in momentary bliss, torn between leaving gracefully or lingering just a moment longer to scrape the very last morsel of pound cake drenched in quince anglaise from the bottom of the glass.

Bloodwood, Newtown - now there's a success story, a point of difference where one can find all of the above. 

Love in amidst a chicken dinner.

Bloodwood Restaurant & Bar
416 King St, Newtown
(+61 2) 9557 7699

Bloodwood on Urbanspoon


  1. Aw such a cute write up.
    ps do you ever sleep???

  2. hahaha what do you mean? i'm sleeping now. you must be dreaming :D

  3. I love the simplicity and impact of your few sentences coupled with that great photo. No more needs to be said really. It looks incredible!


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