Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gastronomic Failure

The moment that we've all been waiting for has come. Aaron has finally left the MasterChef kitchen and not a moment too soon. From memory over the last 30 episodes screened this month, he produced a multitude of dishes (how they qualified as such I couldn't tell you) and all but one were said to be weird (ie. crumbly "puff pastry" made in a robo) or just totally shit (remember that shrivelled up rabbit leg with burnt leeks and balsamic syrup?).

"For those people that don't know what molecular gastronomy is, it's basically a very precise way of cooking that involves taking an ingredient and then presenting it in a dish in an entirely different way and in a different form and texture. So basically I took peas, and then using spherification techniques reformed them to a different shape." - Aaron

Yes.. Well.. Unfortunately my knowledge of molecular gastronomy is somewhat lacking and I'm having a little trouble understanding this concept of round peas being a totally different shape to spherified round peas. You'll have to excuse me.
That Aaron is really, really annoying. He wasn't even able to make a basic caramel after three tries at the Royal Easter Show challenge and the kid wants to open up his own 3 hatted restaurant by the time he's 25? PFFT! HA!
Seriously now, if he manages to transform from an arrogant fucktard into a well-renowned chef in four years I'll go down to his future Melbourne restaurant myself and eat my hat. Tops to George for taking him on as an apprentice. I hope he's able to instill in him a little humility and grace. If not, a punch in the face will be just as satisfying on my part.


  1. Yay! Agree with you wholeheartedly!

  2. i got a mate working in the press club, when we get together few weeks ago, we started talking about masterchef and definitely you know being him working in the press club, the retard aaron will come into the conversation.

    my mate, X, which we shall not named just in case i put him into trouble (haha) said that aaron was being suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a tosser in the kitchen, not much help at all and was more of a hindrance. he was messing up press club's kitchen and also he was too unskilled for even the most basic of press club, so because george was nice enough, they shuffle him off to hellenic republic.
    from what i have gleaned, from his twitter, he was making out like he is doing really well. Well, my mate gave me the inside nosh. :P now you know.


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