Thursday, June 4, 2009

Project Basil Success

I doubt I've ever really been considered as the sentimental sort and this news has been received with a mixture of surprise and trepidation: I am in love with Thomas Dux. Thomas Dux, Grocer of Surry; doesn't the name just sound so suave! Of course, behind every man is a little mystery.

Thomas Dux, internationally codenamed: PROJECT BASIL.
Currently under informal investigation by the ACCC, masters of competition regulation.

In April 2008 the first large, mainstream gourmet grocer created by Woolworths, branded Thomas Dux opened in Lane Cove, followed quickly by a second in Paddington with much success, due largely to increasing consumer demand for organic/ sustainable produce. Early May this year saw a Macro Wholefoods Market acquisition by the supermarket chain coupled with a plan to essentially re-brand eight other existing Macro Wholefoods stores in New South Wales and Victoria.

The latest Surry Hills grocer was unveiled last Saturday with the support of Geoff Jansz and after much hoohah with free nut samples at work I went to have a look at it myself. While browsing the honeycomb rack I was introduced to a very friendly Benjamin who offered much product knowledge and a taste of the lightly misted and aesthetically perfect fruit on display.

A close scrutiny of every single shelf in store revealed a behemoth of quality products not available from parent supermarkets: white truffle-infused olive oil, CarĂªme puff pastry, a range of Molini Pizzuti flours, Australian Biogenic cold-pressed nut oils, Nolans Road organic extra virgin olive oil, both red and black Scandinavian Lumpfish roe, smoked trout, goat's milk, real honeycomb, Barambah Organics dairy products, absolutely humongous chocolate slabs I've only ever seen at Chef's Warehouse and so on. Phew! And that's not even mentioning the flawless fruits (including guavas!), fresh pasta products, artisan cheese, spices and meat products on display.

Grant Corbett, Surry Hills Store Manager says:

".. It's open house every day at Thomas Dux. When you step through our doors you'll find market fresh fruit and vegetables, artisan-style breads, local and imported cheeses, oils, pasta and sauces, a great range of meat and poultry, lots of organic choices from fruit and vegetables to grocery and a menu-size range of pre-prepared meals. And if you feel like a taste of whatever tempts you in store... just ask! .."
If you haven't yet been, I suggest you take the opportunity for some gourmet grocery shopping the next time your fridge needs refilling. Prices are ridiculously standard if not better than some.

Simon Johnson white truffle oil 250ml
Thomas Dux - $26
David Jones Bondi Junction - $30

Woodside Cheese Wrights goat curd 125g
Thomas Dux - $8
Ocello - $9

Thomas Dux Surry Hills
Shop 1, 285A Crown St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
P: (02) 8354 0388
F: (02) 9332 3582


  1. It sounds like they're offering a great range of products and good service. Did you get the honeycombe?

  2. It's where I fell in love with Geoff Jansz!

  3. oh yes the people there are lovely :P they must have poached their best woolworths staff to go work there! i'm not really sure what to do with honeycomb other than eat it straight out of the box. got any good recipes? i did get some puff pastry and walnut oil though. perhaps next time i'll pick up some goat's milk for a cheese experiment


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